Why use a fan filter unit for your cleanroom?

Energy efficient

A clean room can be up to 50 times more energy intensive than an office building because of the several hundred air changes per hour required for Class ISO 5 rooms and above, alongside the associated air filtration and conditioning. The energy cost of HVAC equipment typically represents more than 50% of the total amount of energy used by a clean room. 

Airfiltrera are rising to the challenge, reducing costs and creating a greener solution with the development of much more efficient units. High efficiency EC motor technology is at the heart of these innovations.

Take the new Envirco MAC 10® LE-DC low energy unit as an example. It incorporates fuel saving DC motor technology with a proprietary baffling system and backward curved fan (except 600mm x 600mm) to ensure industry leading low energy performance. 

Simple & cost effective 

Since their initial introduction in 1984, FFUs have proven a popular choice for clean rooms. 

The technology is undeniably simple - little more than a HEPA or ULPA filter attached to a ‘plug’ fan installed within a standard suspended ceiling grid on 1200 x 600mm centrelines to offer high efficiency filtration for the space. 

The attraction of this simplicity of operation and installation is compelling. So too are the significant additional benefits the FFU provides - it offers a low capital cost, low noise filtration solution which is easy to service and maintain. 

Under control

A quality control solution is important for maximising the efficiency, optimising maintainance and minimising energy costs in any clean room. 

For example, the MAC 10® LE-DC can be controlled and monitored via ModBus® network on wall-mounted Control Consoles, and PLC platforms.

The FFU has come a long way in delivering efficient filtration for clean rooms. In fact, the energy cost savings are so significant with this new breed of unit that payback on the initial higher capital outlay for a low energy FFU can be much shorter than expected.