Ducted Ceiling Modules Standard (DCM)

MAC 10 Family Brochure July 2017 Airfiltera Print.jpg
MAC 10 Family Brochure July 2017 Airfiltera Print.jpg

Ducted Ceiling Modules Standard (DCM)

Key Features


  • Anodised extruded aluminium frame with one piece aluminium top/inlet collar 
  • Available Sizes: 595 mm x 1,195 mm, 600 mm x 1,210 mm and 600 mm x 600 mm 
  • Room side challenge port and adjustable damper 
  • White painted expanded metal face guard on downstream side to protect the media 
  • HEPA (H13) 99.99% at 0.30 micron filtration 

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The Ducted Ceiling Module (DCM) from Envirco is a terminal filter for use in standard T-bar drop ceiling systems, used in cleanrooms with a centralised Air Handling Unit (AHU). It is lightweight and easy to install. Designed as a fully disposable unit, the DCM is inexpensive and easily replaceable. 


The media pack is sealed to the anodised, extruded aluminium filter frame with a fire retardant, solid urethane sealant. The filter frame has a flat flange for installation in a dry gasket ceiling grid or an optional knife edge for installation in a gel-seal ceiling grid. A one-piece aluminium top with integral inlet collar is provided and the inlet collar is dimpled to secure the flex duct retaining strap. The standard unit has an adjustable distribution plate for minor adjustments of room side airflow. An anodised extruded aluminium centre divider with access port provides access for adjustment of the distribution plate and measurement of the resistance and challenge aerosol. A painted, expanded metal faceguard on the downstream side protects the media. 


  • ULPA (U15) Filters.