MAC 10 IQ.jpg
MAC 10 IQ.jpg


Key Features

  • 0.37kW brushless EC motor 
  • Universal Card - a hybrid card which offers manual control, 0-10V remote control and Modbus® network control 
  • Energy efficient FFU with low power consumption (105W) 
  • Quiet operation at 51 dB(A) 
  • HEPA (H13) filter 
  • 150Pa of External Static Capability (ESP) at 0.45m/s 
  • Forward-inclined centrifugal type fan 
  • Walkable Plenum (excluding pre-filter) 
  • Pre-filter (406 x 591 x 13mm) 
  • 230V CE units stocked extensively in Hamburg 
  • Aluminium casing 

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The MAC 10® IQ was the world’s first intelligent Fan Filter Unit. With its microcomputer controlled EC motor, the MAC 10® IQ adjusts itself automatically to maintain the desired airflow, compensating for changes in static pressure, filter loading or other local conditions. It is competitively priced, compact (365mm) and operates quietly and efficiently (105W), all benchmarks of the MAC 10® FFU range. The MAC 10® IQ maintains airflow so constantly and consistently that the need for future balancing is greatly reduced. It is an ideal choice for close control environments, customised LAF benches, mini-environments and non-ducted applications. 


  • Room-Side Replacement (RSR) filter with gel seal filter (RSR/RSRE units) 
  • Controls: Console and PLC options are available for stand alone or integrated BMS network control 
  • ULPA (U15) filters 
  • 9.53mm Challenge Port: Convenient filter and static pressure ports on RSR and RSRE 
  • 585 x 585mm, 600 x 600mm, 585 x 885mm, 600 x 905mm, 585 x 1185mm, 600 x 1210mm and custom sizes available