Air Boss® T-Series (Industrial)


Air Boss® T-Series (Industrial)

Key Features

  • Ceramic Insulators — Out of Airstream for Increased Reliability
  • Extra Depth Collector Cell with Greater Dirt Holding/Collection Capacity
  • Spiked Ioniser — No Ionising Wires to Replace, Reducing Maintenance: No Consumable Parts
  • High Efficiency — up to 95% on Single Pass and 99% on Double Pass Option (DOP Test Method)
  • Permanent Ioniser/Collector Elements
  • No Consumable Filter Cost; Just Wash, Dry and Reinstall
  • Low Pressure Drop (90 Pa — Lower Energy Cost to Operate Compared to Media and Cartridge Units
  • Hinged Door Filter Access — Quick & Easy access — No Tools Required

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The Trion® T-Series is ideal for the removal of smoke, fumes, and oil/coolant smoke and mist. The T-Series utilizes the principle of Electrostatic Precipitation to remove particles as small as 0.01 microns passing through the device. The T-Series Industrial range has the ability to clean contaminated indoor air and recirculate it back to the work area, reducing energy costs by not having to exhaust conditioned air to the outside. Models T1300, T2600 and T5200 can be installed either ducted or un-ducted for source or fugitive capture.