Air Boss® T-Series Plus


Air Boss® T-Series Plus

Key Features

  • Stand-Off Cordierite Insulators
  • Solid State Power Supply (T1001 and T2002)
  • PWM Power Supply (T3003, T4004, and T5005)
  • Spiked Ionising Blades (Stainless Steel)
  • Extra Depth Collector Cells
  • Electrical Component Box Mounted Out of Air Stream
  • Modular Approach for Greater Flexibility
  • CE Approved

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The Trion® T-Series Plus is ideal for the removal of smoke, oil, grease, and fumes associated with grilling and frying cooking operations. The T-Series Plus extends unit sizes beyond the standard units available in the T-Series range along with the functionality of the automatic wash system. Models T1001 through T5005 are designed for ducted applications. The range also introduces a modular and cost-effective automatic wash system usually associated with much larger air cleaning systems.